Beeper Mini Says Its iMessage Fix For Android Smartphones Is Coming On December 20, But There Is A Major Catch

Apple has actively been blocking Beeper Mini and Beeper Cloud, preventing Android smartphone users from accessing iMessage servers. Fortunately for the company, its perseverance means that a fix is coming soon, but this time, there is another condition that will be applied that may force users to abandon the service once and for all. Previously, to gain access to iMessage servers, users needed to create an Apple ID; this time, they need to have the required hardware.

To access Beeper Mini and Beeper Cloud, Android smartphone users will now need to be in possession of a Mac

On Reddit, Beeper Mini has put out a post stating that it has found a solution to the continuous blocking that Apple’s focus is converged on. Unfortunately, to send and receive iMessages, users will now need to own a Mac. Assuming they do not have the required hardware, a friend who is on Beeper and who owns a Mac will also suffice.

“We’ve found a solution to stabilize the iMessage situation for Beeper Cloud and Mini. It works well, and, in our testing, is very reliable. The only downside is that the solution requires you to have access to a Mac computer, or have a friend on Beeper with a Mac.”

Beeper Mini has also provided a workaround if Android smartphone owners do not own a Mac, and that is re-using the same registration data. According to the company, between 10 and 20 iMessage users can easily use the same registration data without any worries.

“If you do not have access to a Mac computer, but have a friend on Beeper with a Mac, you can ask them if you can use their registration data. In our testing, 10-20 iMessage users can safely use the same registration data.”

However, this was one of the primary reasons why Apple ended up blocking Beeper Mini the first time, stating that it did not want to compromise the security and privacy of its iPhone users.

Even if the service is restored tomorrow, Apple will likely ensure that it is disrupted, making things even more difficult for Beeper Mini, as future updates may require even stricter conditions for Android users, forcing them to abandon the service entirely. We have to see how simple the registration process is this time, and we will update our readers soon when it rolls out, so stay tuned.

News Source: Reddit

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