Apple’s AirTags Force A Class Action Lawsuit From Victims, Claiming That The Trackers Are The Ideal Tools For Stalkers

The AirTags were originally launched to help keep track of your items or expensive belongings if they ever got lost, misplaced, or stolen, but thanks to Apple’s vast Find My network, these devices have been included in a number of nefarious activities. Though Apple has done its best to implement anti-stalking countermeasures, it has not prevented three victims from filing a class action lawsuit against the company, claiming that these trackers are the weapon of choice for stalkers and abusers.

Class action lawsuit was originally brought in by two women against Apple and its AirTags, with a third plaintiff joining forces

One attribute that separates AirTags from the rest of the pack is that it leverages Apple’s Find My network to display its accurate location on the person’s iPhone, iPad, or Mac. While this can be extremely convenient for millions, such technology can also be used by those who carry malicious intent. Ars Technica spotted the class action lawsuit that was initially filed by two women in 2022 and was followed by a third individual.

These people claim that they have been victims of stalking and that AirTags are a weapon of choice for stalkers and abusers. The lawsuit also mentions that a price of $29 is quite accessible to customers in terms of affordability, which only makes it significantly easier for the stalking reports to skyrocket, and no other background checks are necessary before making a purchase.

“What separates the AirTag from any competitor product is its unparalleled accuracy, ease of use (it fits seamlessly into Apple’s existing suite of products), and affordability. With a price point of just $29, it has become the weapon of choice of stalkers and abusers.”

The filing now shows 36 complainants while also mentioning that Apple proceeded with the AirTags development without showing concern for the well-being of users, all the while claiming these devices to be stalker-proof. An argument can be made that Apple should have done more to incorporate anti-stalking measures into its AirTags, but it should also be noted that the misuse of technology exists worldwide, and it is not isolated to this product.

The class action lawsuit has requested a trial by jury, which might make things difficult for Apple as a jury while feeling sympathetic to what the women faced against stalkers that were in possession of AirTags. Apple has yet to publicly comment on this lawsuit, but if there is a trial in the future, we will update our readers, so stay tuned. If you want to check out the entire filing, click here for more details.

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