Apple’s 7.9 Inch Foldable iPhone To Sport A Wrap-Around Display Similar To The Huawei Mate Xs 2

Apple has yet to enter the market for foldables and is said to be working on reshaping its product lineup, but the company’s need for durability and technology refinement has it assessing market readiness before launch. It was stated earlier that the crease is the only aspect that is stopping Apple from launching its first foldable device. However, with the new mechanisms, the company could finally move forward with launching its version of the foldable device.

Apple plans on using a similar design to Huawei Mate Xs 2 for its 7.9-inch foldable device

It appears that Apple plans to use the wrap-around display design for its foldable iPhone, making the 2026 release window a possibility. The company has been internally testing the foldable iPhone through various techniques to ensure there is little to no crease, thereby increasing screen visibility. 9to5mac reports that in an investor note today, Haitong International analyst Jeff Pu revealed Apple’s design plans for the foldable device.

Samsung, OnePlus, and Google all have their own foldable phones in the market, but none of these companies have managed to eradicate the crease fully. Apple is far behind the competition as far as the foldable category is concerned as companies like Samsung have excelled for years in gaining a stronghold in the foldable segment, but with the latest development, we are hopeful for Apple to catch up on the trend while minimizing the screen crease issue.

“The wrap-around foldable design” shares similarities to the Huawei Mate Xs 2, which has a display around the phone’s body rather than on the inside like other foldable phones. Due to this design, the experience is almost crease-free, as the unfolded panel does not have interruptions and is seamless. This is achieved through the Falcon Wing Hinge, which is used to make the outward foldable format possible. If Apple uses this for its version of the foldable, it can create quite a stir with the competition, given how the main problem of the foldable would be taken away.

Previous reports have highlighted the company’s plans to launch a 20.3-inch hybrid foldable next year that could mirror the ThinkPad’s X1 Fold’s design. Although limited information is presented in the investor note regarding the foldable iPhone’s internal specifications, Apple stepping into this niche segment might change the dynamics of the overall foldable market, and Samsung might not continue to be the leader in the industry.

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