Apple Vision Pro 2 Rumored To Start From $1,500, With Samsung And Chinese Display Supplier SeeYa Possibly Entering The Supply Chain To Lower Costs

The ‘less than stellar’ demand for the Apple Vision Pro has caused shipment estimates to drop to 400,000 to 450,000 units for 2024, a massive drop compared to the previous 800,000 estimates. Consumers are discouraged from making the AR headset their daily driver thanks to its ludicrous starting price of $3,499, and even though Apple intends to launch the device overseas, its ‘expensive’ problem is yet to be addressed. Fortunately, the company might overcome this hurdle with the Apple Vision Pro 2, with a rumor claiming that the successor will have a starting price of $1,500 and will add two new suppliers, Samsung and SeeYa, to the list.

New rumor also mentions that the Apple Vision Pro 2 will launch in 2026

After a hiatus, @Revegnus1 is back on X and has come forth with an Apple Vision Pro 2 rumor, claiming that the next head-mounted wearable’s price will range from $1,500 to $2,500. An earlier estimate stated that the Apple Vision Pro costs $1,542, and that is just counting the components, with the priciest part being the dual-4K micro-OLED panels sourced from Sony.

A previous report stated that the company is determined to bring down the Apple Vision Pro 2’s price but has yet to figure out how to make that happen. The tipster does not mention how that starting price will come down to a more acceptable $1,500 figure with the second iteration, so treating this part of the rumor with a truckload of salt is best. However, in the next bit, Samsung and SeeYa are rumored to enter Apple’s supply chain, with the Chinese display maker currently in the phase of sending its client samples for evaluation.

We previously reported that SeeYa and BOE entering the supply chain could help reduce the headset’s display costs by 50 percent, but there is currently no update on whether Apple will receive the same quality delivered by Sony. As for Samsung, the Korean giant is said to provide the DRAM, which is supplied by SK hynix and is a custom design that is tailor-made to handle the intensive imaging data from the Apple Vision Pro’s 12-camera array.

Assuming both companies successfully land a contract for the Apple Vision Pro 2, the successor’s launch price may be reduced before it is primed for a rumored 2026 unveiling. However, before that, we may get a low-cost model sometime in 2025 with watered-down features to help make the device more affordable. After all, Apple needs some much-needed traction in this category, and a less expensive solution appears to be the only limited-time solution.

News Source: @Revegnus1

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