Apple To Announce Two Variants Of Redesigned AirPods 4 Next Year But Only One Will Feature Active Noise Cancellation

Apple is working on a wide range of products for next year, including new iPad models and Macs. Other than this, the company is also planning to redesign the Apple Watch. A report claims that Apple plans to redesign the AirPods 4 in 2024. The wearable will introduce many features to boost sales and make the earbuds more enticing to customers. The AirPods 4 launch will also include an updated case with front-facing features.

AirPods 4 to feature an all-new design with a shorter stem and Active Noise Cancellation

It was recently reported that Apple is working to bring a new ‘Capture Button’ to the iPhone entire iPhone 16 lineup. While the rest of the design would remain the same, the standard iPhone 16 models could receive the Action Button and the Capture Button in a single upgrade. The Apple Watch Series 10 or Apple Watch X is reportedly undergoing a significant redesign to mark its tenth anniversary. In his latest edition of the Power On newsletter, Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman claims that Apple is working on a new design for the AirPods 4, which is expected to launch next year.

Apple is planning to release two variants of the AirPods 4 at different prices and feature sets. The company plans to replace the AirPods 3 and AirPods 2 as part of its upgrade. This is because there are minimal differences in features between the AirPods 2 and 3, and it costs Apple when the customer opts for the prior. Henceforth, the company could stop selling both models and offer customers two variants of the AirPods 4.

As for design, the AirPods 4 is reported to feature an updated look. The design would be a mix of the standard AirPods and the AirPods Pro. This means that the stem of the earbuds would be slightly smaller than the AirPods but bigger than the AirPods Pro. The company would also offer better fitting, potentially with new silicon ear tips. However, these are mere speculations, and the final word rests with Apple.

Besides the earbuds, Apple plans to redesign the case with new speakers for Find My capabilities. Additionally, the case will also feature a USB-C port instead of Lightning. As for features, note that only the more expensive variant of AirPods 4 will feature Active Noise Cancellation. ANC has been a feature that Apple reserved for the ‘Pro’ model so far, and it will be the first for the base models.

Apple will further enhance the functionality of the AirPods 4 via software, offering features like OTC or over-the-counter hearing alternatives. The company is also working on an AirPods Pro design for 2025. We will be covering additional details on the AirPods 4, so be sure to stick around.

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