Apple Preparing To Release iOS 17.2.1 Update To Fix A Major Issue On The iPhone

Last week, Apple released iOS 17.2 to the general public for all compatible iPhone models. The update brings a plethora of significant features to the platform. However, the company also released some much-needed bug fixes for issues plaguing the iPhone. However, the operating system is far from perfect at this point, considering the underlying bugs. To tackle the situation, Apple is working on a new iOS 17.2.1 update, which will be available to all iPhone users shortly.

Apple is working on an iOS 17.2.1 update for iPhone, which will potentially fix the disappearing Messages app on the iPhone

As mentioned, Apple released the iOS 17.2 update last week for all compatible iPhone models. The latest build was released with significant upgrades, including bug fixes and performance enhancements. The update fixed many bugs for the iPhone, including an issue where a Flipper Zero could interfere with the device’s connectivity. Additionally, a strange bug was causing the App Switcher to appear automatically while typing.

Overall, the stability of the platform was improved. However, the update did not fix all the issues, as iPhone users reported an issue where the Messages app would disappear when rearranging app icons on the Home screen. While uncertain, Apple could fix the disappearing Messages app issue on the iPhone with the iOS 17.2.1 update (via MacRumors).

Note that iOS 17.2.1 will be a minor update compared to iOS 17.2. iOS 17.2 finally brought the highly-anticipated Journal app to the iPhone and iPad. There were also many upgrades, which you can check out in our release post. iOS 17.2.1, on the other hand, will only focus on under-the-hood- bug fixes and the platform’s performance. Furthermore, iOS 17.2.1 will potentially fix the disappearing Messages app on the iPhone.

We are unfamiliar with Apple’s release time frame for its forthcoming iOS 17.2.1. Since it is the end of the year, multiple holidays could halt the release of iOS 17.2.1. Henceforth, we presume the update could launch soon after the holiday period. If we consider the previous iOS versions, Apple could launch iOS 17.2.1 in mid-January, similar to iOS 15.2.1.

Apple is also working on iOS 17.3, a significant update compared to iOS 17.2.1. The update will fix underlying bugs, improve stability, and bring numerous new features Apple announced at its WWDC 2023 event. Currently, iOS 17.3 rests in the beta phase and will be released next month. The company will release new beta builds for developers later today. It will encompass the new Stolen Device Protection security feature and the ability to create collaborative playlists on Apple Music.

Apple is gradually releasing new updates to fix ongoing issues in iOS 17. Initially, iOS 17 was crawling with bugs and problems that iPhone users had to endure for a while. One of the most prominent issues was overheating on the iPhone 15 Pro models. It was reported that the issues were due to the new titanium finish on the new iPhone 15 Pro models. However, the company fixed the issues with the iOS 17.0.3 update. Apple is determined to fix iOS 17 issues as it halted work on next year’s iOS 18 update to perfect its current releases. We will share more details on iOS 17.2.1 as soon as further information is available.

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