Apple Might Have Introduced ‘Messages via satellite’ Yesterday, But Huawei Had Launched Something Similar Years Ago With Its Mate 50 Series

Complementing Emergency SOS via satellite, Apple officially announced ‘Messages via satellite’ yesterday during its WWDC 2024 keynote, with its singular focus allowing users to take advantage of the iMessage app to communicate with others by sending or receiving texts, emojis and more, even when there is no internet connection. The feature is expected to arrive for the iPhone 14 series when iOS 18 drops later this year. However, it should be noted that before Apple, Huawei had gone ahead and announced this feature when it introduced its flagship Mate 50 series.

Huawei has gone the extra mile compared to Apple, company’s Pura 70 Pro and Pura 70 Ultra models can send images without a cellular network or internet connection

Despite the U.S. trade sanctions in place, Huawei managed to obtain a headstart against Apple. What is unfair about this entire scenario is that the former Chinese giant is limited to its home turf regarding two-way messaging, while Apple has branched out its Emergency SOS via satellite outside of the U.S. and Canada. Regardless, as reported by Huawei Central, Huawei brought satellite messaging to its Mate 50 family, which launched in September 2022.

At the time, owners of this flagship range could send messages to their contacts when they were in an area with no network coverage. Eventually, Huawei improved this feature, supporting multiple locations to generate trajectory maps that easily scan codes without adversely affecting the battery. However, Huawei took it one step further by launching the Mate 60 Pro, which is the only smartphone at this time to support satellite calling. Currently, Apple only allows messages to be sent, so its competitor clearly has the upper hand.

If you thought that Huawei was taking a break in technological improvements, you assumed incorrectly. We say this because the Pura 70 Pro and Pura 70 Ultra, which are members of the company’s latest flagship family, support images to be to your contacts without any cellular network or internet connectivity. It is likely that if the U.S. placed no trade sanctions on Huawei, the latter would have introduced these features and more in other countries. Then again, even while limited to China, the company has outdone Apple.

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