Apple Is Not Solely Relying On OpenAI, As It Plans To Add Google Gemini And Other AI Models In iOS 18

Previous reports and speculations all pointed to the WWDC to focus heavily on AI integrations. With Artificial intelligence now being branded as Apple Intelligence for all the capabilities and upgrades Apple is working on, the company confirmed its focal points and ongoing initiatives at the WWDC 2024. Almost half the keynote signified the work the tech giant is doing on the AI front. Siri was expected to be revamped completely with enhanced and more relevant features.

Apple wants to increase customization options for users and might move to more AI models in the future

Apple announced on Monday its partnership with OpenAI to bring ChatGPT directly to Siri with iOS 18, macOS, and iPadOS 18. This would allow Siri to be able to handle complex tasks and give more accurate responses according to the situation at hand by passing queries to ChatGPT using Apple Intelligence.

Siri must be given explicit permission by the users every time a query is passed on to ChatGPT for user consent to remain intact and the process to stay transparent. Users using ChatGPT’s premium version can connect the advanced version to iOS 18, making the process seamless and well-integrated.

At the WWDC Keynote, Apple’s VP of software engineering, Craig Federighi, even mentioned the company’s intentions to bring other AI models as the intelligence system evolves. The purpose of the move to different models is to give users control over which model to use, allowing for greater customization. This option was previously given for Spotlight, where you can choose which search engine you want to make the default one.

Previous reports suggested not only a partnership with OpenAI but also about a possible deal with Google for integrating Gemini into iOS 18. Though no specific announcements were made in this regard, Craig did hint at the possibility of Gemini AI coming to iOS in the future and for Apple intelligence to be headed in that direction.

The reason for choosing ChatGPT as the first AI model suggested at the keynote was that Apple wanted to start with the best AI model. Apple intelligence capabilities would not be part of the first beta of iOS 18 but instead be available for testing in the beta release coming in fall.

Apple might have joined the AI frenzy late, but the focus it has on bringing features more relevant and empowering users to choose capabilities according to their preferences and consent might make Apple Intelligence stand above the general AI trends.

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