Apple Is Being Sued By Two Female Employees Over Pay Inequality, Claiming ‘Systematic’ Disparity

Apple’s developments and initiatives are currently well received by users and mark its place in the tech industry. However, the company is legally under fire for its pay inequity, as two female employees are seeking class action against it. The women represent over 12,000 female employees from the engineering, marketing, and AppleCare departments.

Apple is getting sued over pay disparity by 12,000 former and current employees

Apple has been heavily focused on WWDC 2024 and all the capabilities it is bringing to its end users. While Apple seems to be everywhere in the news for the massive pivot within the company, it was taken by surprise on Thursday when two female employees took it to the Californian court to legally take up with Apple for paying the female employees far less than the male employees.

Apple is not the first company to have a lawsuit filed against them over gender discrimination, as Google and Oracle both had to pay a hefty amount in settlements for pay discrimination class action by their female employees.

The lawsuit highlights Apple’s hiring practices and performance metrics that contribute to the salary gap between male and female employees. According to Engadget, the female employees claimed that discrimination was systematic and stemmed from the company establishing pay rates based on previous salaries. The company did take notice of these possibly discriminating questions and moved to ask about the potential candidate’s pay expectations instead.

The question regarding pay expectation was also linked with prior wages and was said to serve the same purpose. These job selection criteria led to an established pattern of female employees being underpaid. According to the lawsuit filed:

Apple’s policy or practice of collecting information about pay expectations and using that information to set starting salary has had the effect of perpetuating past pay disparities and paying women less than men performing substantially similar work.

The female employees pursuing the case also emphasized the performance evaluation system and how some of the scoring categories, such as leadership, were highly critical for the female employees. They allegedly would score the women differently for the same performance. The scoring being differently done caused the bonuses and pay increases to be cut off for the women working for Apple.

A similar issue was brought up in 2021 when an internal survey conducted by Apple revealed some surprising pay differences between men and women, after which the company decided to no longer conduct such surveys within the company.

As per the lawsuit, Apple is said to have violated the California Equal Pay Act, and the petitioners now seek compensation for the underpayment and injunctive relief. Apple is yet to respond to the legal complication.

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