Apple Has Not Fixed A Major Connectivity Issue On The iPhone 15 After iOS 17 Launch

Apple released iOS 17 last year alongside the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models. Initially, the operating system was crawling with bugs and issues, which were resolved in subsequent updates. However, now and then, issues surface on iPhone models, which Apple aims to resolve as soon as the next update. According to recent reports, Apple’s iOS 17 has not fixed Bluetooth issues on the new iPhone 15 models. Based on user complaints, the issue appears to have existed since the flagship iPhone models were launched.

iPhone 15 users experiencing Bluetooth issues after updating to iOS 17

iOS 17 is a major update, considering the number of features it brings to the table. Users have reported a wide range of issues with the iPhone 15 since its debut. It was previously noted that iOS 17.2.1 is breaking network connectivity for some users. While Apple fixed the issue with its subsequent update, it did not address Bluetooth issues on the iPhone 15.

If you are unfamiliar, iPhone 15 users are experiencing difficulty in keeping their devices connected to older Bluetooth devices. Users are complaining about the ongoing Bluetooth issues on Apple Support Communities as well as MacRumors forums.

Since ios 17 I have been having frequent disconnects in my car (no carplay. BMW 2014) bluetooth for calls. I make a hands free call in my car and after a few seconds bluetooth disconnects and I have manually switch to the speaker in my Iphone. I have had this car since new and I switch iphones almost every year and usually the release x.0 has some bluetooth problems, but now 2 major releases for ios 17 and the issue is not solved. Another iphone 12 does not have the problem in my car.

Complaints started originating back in October of last year, stating that their iPhone 15 models were unable to connect to car systems, headphones, and other accessories. Some users also complained that the iPhone is failing to connect to the AirPods. Apple has not commented or acknowledged the issue as of now.

However, the company is working on its big iOS 17.4 update. Possibly, the forthcoming update will fix Bluetooth issues on the iPhone 15. The company seeded the release candidate build of iOS 17.4 to developers on Tuesday, and it comes with a boatload of front-facing additions. Apple also included the changelog, which appears to show numerous bug fixes part of the operating system. However, fix for the Bluetooth issues on the iPhone is not part of the mix. Are you experiencing issues with Bluetooth on the iPhone? Let us know in the comments.

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