Apple Has Allegedly Signed A Deal With Samsung For Foldable Displays For The First Folding iPhone

Samsung Display is king when it comes to displays in the smartphone industry, and for the longest time, Apple has been its biggest customer. Sure, the iPhone maker has also gone to different companies, but when it comes to the most premium displays, Samsung is where the money will go. Now, it appears that both companies have signed a deal for a foldable iPhone.

Apple’s folding iPhone is a dream come true for many, but the wait might be long

Although the information is scarce, a report suggests that both Apple and Samsung entered into a deal, particularly about the development of foldable devices. This only means that we will see a foldable iPhone in the future, the display of which will be provided by Samsung Display. Which should not really come as a surprise.

Now, this certainly is a good thing for all Apple users, but the one thing that we don’t know is what device will be the first foldable from the iPhone maker. We have heard that a foldable iPhone might not happen first, and there will be a folding iPad first. Whatever the case might be, the interesting thing is that both companies are now in agreement with each other.

As far as the timeline is concerned, I highly doubt that we will see a folding iPhone in September of this year. Since Apple has just released the new iPad Air and iPad Pro, it is unlikely that there will be an announcement regarding a folding tablet. However, the company could go ahead and formally announce either of these devices at the iPhone 16 launch, but we will take that with a grain of salt.

Whatever the case might be, I am genuinely excited that the Galaxy Z Fold lineup is actually going to have some competition from Apple. The market is probably about to usher into a new era of folding smartphones with a folding iPhone. Sadly, the details are scarce at the moment, but we will be sure to keep an eye on all the details and let you know as more information surfaces.

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