Apple Forced To Apologize For The iPad Pro Ad After Artists And Creators Criticize The Commercial

The newly launched iPad Air and iPad Pro with the M4 chip are among the best devices released this year. While the iPad Air is targeted towards users looking for a more affordable alternative, the Pro is a machine made for creators. As such, the company even made a pretty clever ad, but artists and creators were not too thrilled about this ad. After facing backlash, the Cupertino firm issued an apology for the commercial.

The iPad Pro ad was a genius stroke but tone-deaf at the same time

Now, being from a marketing background and as someone who has been floored numerous times by Apple’s genius in terms of advertising, I did love the ad. However, after looking at it up close, I also understand why artists and creators are not in favor of this latest iPad Pro ad.

You see, this new iPad Pro commercial shows that a giant hydraulic press is crushing several items such as musical instruments, artistic instruments, paintings, amps, and so many other things that artists have used for decades to create art. Once everything is destroyed under the weight, the hydraulic press slowly lifts up, revealing the new iPad. It’s pretty clever when you think that Apple has just made their latest tablet the symbol of creativity, but there is another side to it, too.

We all know that the new iPad Pro is an excellent device for creators. However, everything that is destroyed in the ad is also symbolic to the creator and can be considered a Testament to these creators. This means that those who take their art seriously are clearly upset over the fact that a single tablet can replace everything.

Apple listened to the criticism and apologized for this iPad Pro ad, explaining how it missed the mark. The company also removed the commercial from everywhere and will not use it on television, either. Safe to say, the power of social media and several angry and hurt creators managed to get their message across and make Apple do something that many of us thought would not be possible.

Let us know what you think of Apple’s latest ad and whether or not it was tone-deaf, as many creators are calling it out to be.

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