Apple Can Update An iPhone To The Latest iOS Version Without Opening The Sealed Retail Packaging Using A “Pad-Like Device”

Apple has a mechanism that will allow it to update an iPhone while it is still inside its box. If you have an iPhone, you might remember updating it right after you unboxed it. The company has now found a way through which it can update the iPhone to the latest iOS software version while it remains inactive and inside the box. It is amazing to see how the company has pulled updating an iPhone off while it is still inside its sealed retail packaging.

Apple can update an iPhone wirelessly while it is still in its sealed retail packaging to the latest iOS version

Apple is very keen on updating its devices to the latest firmware. The company stops signing older iOS versions in an attempt to disallow users from downgrading from the latest update. The company wants users to enjoy the latest features and security updates, which is why it has developed a system to update iPhone models inside their packaging.

A few years ago when jailbreaking your iPhone was popular, users searched for older iPhone models still in the box that ran older versions of iOS. This is because Apple typically patches an exploit in a subsequent update when a jailbreak is released. If Apple had a similar mechanism in place to update the iPhone in its packaging, it would have been very difficult to find a device that ran an older version of iOS.

The news was shared by Mark Gurman in his latest Power On newsletter, suggesting that Apple is equipped with a system that allows updating an iPhone without activating the device and still in its packaging. Apple Stores have a “pad-like device” that can be used by employees to update a boxed iPhone still in its sealed packaging. This will allow the company to sell up-to-date iPhone models to the end user. Apple employees are required just to place the unopened iPhone on the pad, and it wirelessly turns on the system, updates it, and then turns it off.

The new mechanics of updating an iPhone will allow users to receive their devices without bugs and issues brought forward by the initial iOS releases. For instance, iOS 17 was a major upgrade but launched with its fair share of issues, particularly the overheating issue on the iPhone 15 Pro. At this point, the system is only available for the iPhone but could make its way to additional products. Furthermore, the report claims that users can take advantage of the new system at Apple Stores before 2023 ends.

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