Apple And Canon Partner To Develop Mirrorless Cameras With An RF-S7.8mm F4 STM Dual Lens To Capture Spatial Video

When it first launched the Vision Pro, Apple baffled everyone with its immersive experience. Apple promised to make the headset even more seamless with the upgrades it was working on. Now, at WWDC 2024, the company announced that it would have Canon provide a lens for the EOS R7 camera that will help create spatial videos for the Vision Pro. The new mirrorless camera lens is meant to be specifically tailored to the headset and would try to mirror the human visual perspective.

Apple announced a dedicated camera lens customized to the Apple Vision Pro that will have the capacity to create spatial videos

This announcement was made alongside the updates coming to the new visionOS 2.  Some of the updates include major capabilities brought to the Vision Pro headset, which would help users truly connect with their memories by creating spatial photos in the Photo app with the help of advanced machine learning. The app will be revamped to incorporate significant features such as image conversion from 2D to spatial.

The Canon EOS R7 would be coming with dual optics to match up with human visual coverage. With the dual lens feature, videographers can create crystal-clear spatial videos that do not compromise on quality despite low environmental light conditions. The EOS VR Utility app by Canon would then be used to process the video and transition to a spatial format, optimizing content for the Vision Pro.

The significant improvements brought to the camera lens empower users to create content for the Vision Pro. Canon will move to a spatial lens reserved for the R7 with an RF-S 7.8mm f/4 STM DUAL lens. The Dual lens mirrorless camera will be rolling out later this year. We have yet to find out the pricing details as limited information is currently available on the new development. What do you think of this partnership between Apple and Canon? Let us know in the comments below.

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