An Unlucky User Received An Android Phone From Apple When They Ordered An iPhone 15 Pro Max

Earlier this month, we reported how a TikToker ordered four iPhone 15 Pro Max devices and received 60 maxed-out, 1TB variants of the phones. We are sure a return was involved afterward, but something similar has happened again.

Receiving a fake iPhone 15 Pro Max shouldn’t be surprising, but it is when it comes directly from Apple

A UK resident ordered an iPhone 15 Pro Max directly from Apple. The buyer even confirmed that they received all the delivery confirmation emails straight from Apple, along with tracking details from the delivery partner, but upon opening the package, they realized that this might not be the phone they ordered.

When the buyer opened the box, thinking they would get their hands on a brand new iPhone 15 Pro Max, they were welcomed with a device that had a screen protector installed on it. If you know Apple, a screen protector never comes installed. However, things only went sideways from this point. “The next thing I notice when I turn it on, the screen isn’t right, it lights up the black area in a way that is clearly not OLED, and the bottom has a chin, which suggests this is not correct for the phone,” the person reported.

I assume the buyer still decided to give this dubious-looking iPhone 15 Pro Max a chance and decided to power on the device. This led to more discovery as the setup process wasn’t like it was on Apple devices, and this was the moment they realized that the device that they had was fake.

“I immediately clocked that it was an Android device in a skin. It may have convinced my grandad, but I could tell very quickly (especially when I saw actual Android toasts popping up in some cases).”

Thankfully, the buyer contacted Apple support right away, and the company promised to update them about the incident immediately. We hope the real iPhone 15 Pro Max will soon be in the hands of its deserving owner.

Honestly, this sort of stuff does not happen, especially when you order directly from Apple. We normally see these incidents when it comes to e-commerce platforms, but any purchase made directly from the company arrives in the condition it is supposed to arrive in.

News Source: Reddit

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