All iPhone 16 Models To Get A New ‘Capture Button’ – Now We Know What Apple Will Use It For

Apple announced the iPhone 15 Pro model with a brand-new Action Button that replaced the long-standing Mute Switch. The new Action Button brings a plethora of shortcuts to the mix and gives users an all-new way of interacting with the software. However, the company plans to take another significant step forward with the iPhone 16. A new report claims that the iPhone 16’s Capture Button would be used to take videos.

The entire iPhone 16 lineup features a new Capture Button for taking videos

The ‘Capture Button’ has been widely reported in the past, but there were no details on its purpose. We have previously speculated that the Capture Button could be used as a dedicated button for the camera. It can be used to take photos or record videos. However, no concrete details were available at that time. In his latest Power On newsletter, Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman claims that the dedicated Capture Button on the iPhone 16 would be used to record videos.

The Capture Button would exclusively cater to the camera. The report mentions that the Capture Button on the iPhone 16 would be dedicated to “taking videos.” As mentioned, this is not the first time we have heard details on the forthcoming additional button on the iPhone. While the purpose of the Capture Button on the iPhone 16 is hidden in its name, the details were not confirmed.

Additionally, it was reported that Apple will ditch the mechanical button in favor of a capacitive approach for the Capture Button. It will sit below the Side button and replace the mmWave antenna, which will switch sides and move below the Volume buttons on iPhone models sold in the United States. On iPhone models sold outside of the United States, there is no mmWave antenna.

We believe the position of the Capture Button is optimal as it is where your index finger would naturally sit while recording video in landscape mode. Since the button is capacitive, it could house multiple pressure points for different actions. For instance, a lighter press could adjust focus, while the harder press of a button could act as the shutter button. Additionally, holding the button could launch the camera app. However, Apple already offers a camera shortcut with the Action Button. Henceforth, how Apple will position the features with an additional button remains to be seen.

It was previously reported that the Capture Button will be available on all four models of iPhone 16. This will be the first for Apple as it generally introduces a design change on the ‘Pro’ models of the iPhone first. For instance, the Action Button debuted on the iPhone 15 Pro models, while the standard models still feature a Mute Switch. If the news has heft, the standard iPhone 16 models would get the Action Button and the Capture Button in a single upgrade.

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